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William Lashner, a former Philadelphia lawyer, is a graduate of New York University Law School and the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop. He has served as trial attorney in the Criminal Division of the United States Justice Department. He lives with hi

BAGMEN by William Lashner
Released: Aug. 5, 2014

"Vigorous but routine, with a particularly thin set of bogeymen behind the felonies. And isn't it about time hard-bitten Victor, who improbably turns crusader toward the end of this installment, lost his last illusions about politics, ethics and the Philadelphia bar?"
Apparently, underemployed Philadelphia lawyer Victor Carl's first seven cases (A Killer's Kiss, 2007, etc.) have left him sufficiently starry-eyed to be capable of rude disillusionment when he runs into a bruising congressional campaign, and vice versa. Read full book review >
THE ACCOUNTING by William Lashner
Released: May 14, 2013

"Just in case you miss the point on your own, Jon caps his wild tale with a homily about how the whole country is living on borrowed money, just like him, and the reckoning looms for us all. Makes you think."
Twenty-five years after three teenagers swiped over $1 million from their neighborhood drug dealer, it's suddenly payback time. Read full book review >
A KILLER’S KISS by William Lashner
Released: Sept. 1, 2007

"The lively wit that's served to redeem Victor throughout this series (Marked Man, 2006, etc.) seems tired and forced here, leaving the reader to make do with a lovelorn shyster short on appeal."
This time out, Victor Carl, that lesser light of the Philadelphia bar, counts the ways an old flame can be too hot to handle. Read full book review >
MARKED MAN by William Lashner
Released: June 1, 2006

"Victor does dry and witty well enough to earn him a place among picaresque heroes, but whatever happened to taut and tight?"
Victor Carl, borderline shyster (Falls the Shadow, 2005, etc.), takes on the case of The Un-Fab Five. Read full book review >
FALLS THE SHADOW by William Lashner
Released: May 1, 2005

"Another overstuffed ramble through the legal system from Lashner, who trades smart and entertaining riffs for narrative tension."
Lashner's sardonic defense attorney unravels layers of deception in the retrial of a charming convicted killer. Read full book review >
PAST DUE by William Lashner
Released: April 27, 2004

"Conscientious, lumbering, prosy, and as voluminous as one of those fits-all ponchos that really fits nobody but the biggest dogs in the rain."
As if Victor Carl doesn't have enough trouble in the present tense, an ancient stiff rises from the grave to bite him on the leg. Read full book review >
FATAL FLAW by William Lashner
Released: May 16, 2003

"It's the tallest of tall tales, of course, but it's got robust drive, and Lashner (Veritas, 1997, etc.) deserves a tip of the hat for Guy's Houdini-like escape from that opening set-up."
Victor Carl, Philly defense lawyer, sidles back onstage in Lashner's latest legal melodrama. Read full book review >
VERITAS by William Lashner
Released: Feb. 26, 1997

"Deliriously overstuffed extralegal intrigue—though the story moves with a self-approving gravity that suggests a serious weight problem. (First printing of 75,000; $125,000 ad/promo)"
Victor Carl (Hostile Witness, 1995), defender of Philadelphia's biggest crooks, is still chasing the big score- -this time through the jungles of Belize—but he pauses long enough to explain how it turned out this way. Read full book review >
HOSTILE WITNESS by William Lashner
Released: May 24, 1995

"Grisham fans will love the lawyer-baiting and righteous self-disgust, which will evidently continue indefinitely in a promised series. (First printing of 75,000; $150,000 ad/promo; author tour)"
Debut thriller about a Philadelphia lawyer tired of being behind on his charge cards who agrees to join the defense team for an embattled city councilman and his aide—and then watches his slick new buddies sell him down the river. Read full book review >