Books by William P. Kennedy

SIREN'S LULLABY by William P. Kennedy
Released: May 16, 1997

"A briskly told, somewhat placeless Clue-game melodrama with nautical flourishes and a few Crichtonesque fun facts about the boatbuilding biz."
After his well-received lifeboat saga Dark Tide (1994), whoduniteer Kennedy offers another salty tale of yachting mayhem and misadventure, this time set mostly on land, in Bermuda and around the office of a New England hi-tech boutique yachtmaker. Read full book review >
DARK TIDE by William P. Kennedy
Released: Feb. 18, 1995

"A superb story, with a perhaps not totally unexpected twist at the very end."
The well-worn plot in which people are thrown together on a small boat and mortally threatened by both the forces of nature and the sort of evil that only people can devise is given full and effective treatment in this chill-a-minute thriller from Kennedy (Guard of Honor, 1993, etc.). Read full book review >
GUARD OF HONOR by William P. Kennedy
Released: July 29, 1993

"There's an awful lot of filler in this poorly constructed morality tale, and Mex is too much of a lightweight for the role of avenging angel."
The chickens come home to roost when American soldiers, on a base in Dixie, are the victims of their own counterinsurgency techniques intended for Third World warfare; this latest from Kennedy (Rules of Encounter, 1992, etc.) is more preachy than suspenseful. Read full book review >
RULES OF ENCOUNTER by William P. Kennedy
Released: April 1, 1992

"A thought-provoking and enjoyable thriller."
An engrossing tale of love and betrayal based on the historically arguable proposition that the British knew that German submarines were likely to sink the S.S. Lusitania in 1915 and that- -most especially in the person of Winston Churchill—they in fact wanted the attack to occur so that US would be drawn into the Great War. Read full book review >