Books by William Tester

HEAD by William Tester
Released: Oct. 1, 2000

"The stories about sexual uncertainty are quite wonderful when Nim is young. But those turning to older males, who should have worked the kinks out of that muscle between their ears, become quickly tedious and unpleasant."
Following his debut (Darling, 1992) about boy-cow love, Tester offers 11 stories exploring the dirty thoughts that bubble inside a young man's head while he's doing everyday things. Read full book review >
DARLING by William Tester
Released: Jan. 7, 1992

Debut novelist Tester sings a thinly storied but encrustedly lyrical song here to the southern gothic: about two brothers, Jeab and Baby, and their shared past—in which what figured most largely was their mutual lust for their milk cow, Darling. Read full book review >