Books by Wilton Barnhardt

LOOKAWAY, LOOKAWAY by Wilton Barnhardt
Released: Aug. 20, 2013

"Barnhardt masterfully reimagines the Southern gothic: There is every kind of sordid deed committed, but there is also an abundance of humanity and grace."
Barnhardt's fourth novel is a revelation: witty, savage and bighearted all at once, it is the Southern novel for the 21st century. Read full book review >
SHOW WORLD by Wilton Barnhardt
Released: July 30, 1998

"Barnhardt is better than this. (Author tour)"
The story of a hopeful young woman's disillusioning descent through the worlds of academe, politics, and film makes for a curious hybrid that falls awkwardly between the romantic comedy of Barnhardt's ingratiating first novel (Emma Who Saved My Life, 1989) and the baroque overkill that flattened his second (Gospel, 1993) Samantha Flint (whose notebooks record her story) arrives at Smith College in 1978 from Missouri, a self-conscious thorn among the pampered, whiny roses whose company she seeks. Read full book review >
GOSPEL by Wilton Barnhardt
Released: April 16, 1993

"Full of historical, religious, and comic flourishes, but misfiring terribly: this is interesting mostly for what it might have been."
To those who've eagerly awaited Barnhardt's follow-up to his acclaimed debut novel, Emma Who Saved My Life (1989), this long- winded and lame excuse for an epic adventure will be a rude surprise. Read full book review >
EMMA WHO SAVED MY LIFE by Wilton Barnhardt
Released: June 14, 1989

A highly touted first novel, billed as a coming-of-age saga for the 70's, about a Midwest boy with stars in his eyes who goes to New York, where he lives in sexual frustration with two women, one the impossible Emma of the title—a familiar story that, here, can be very funny and endearing, but too often strays glibly into clichÇ or cleverness. Read full book review >