Books by Zetta Elliott

SAY HER NAME by Zetta Elliott
Released: Jan. 14, 2020

"This empowering collection belongs on every shelf. (notes) (Poetry. 12-adult)"
A collection of poems centering the experiences of black women, girls, and femmes. Read full book review >
THE DRAGON THIEF by Zetta Elliott
Released: Oct. 22, 2019

"Despite missteps, this satisfying follow-up will leave readers hoping for more magical adventures with lovable Jax and company. (Urban fantasy. 7-10)"
Jaxon and his friends deal with the fallout from the theft of one of the baby dragons in his charge. Read full book review >
DRAGONS IN A BAG by Zetta Elliott
Released: Oct. 23, 2018

"Good, solid fantasy fun. (Fantasy. 6-10)"
Nine-year-old Brooklynite Jaxon meets a witch, becomes her apprentice, and protects baby dragons all in one eventful day. Read full book review >
MELENA'S JUBILEE by Zetta Elliott
Released: Oct. 11, 2016

"This cheerful meditation on starting over features a character that's hard not to love. (Picture book. 4-7)"
Little Melena learns the power of a fresh start. Read full book review >
BIRD by Zetta Elliott
Released: Oct. 1, 2008

Nicknamed Bird at birth, Mehkai idolizes his older brother Marcus. As they mature, both brothers excel in art. However, Marcus's drug experimentation spirals into an all-consuming addiction. While Bird's drawings are intricate and controlled, Marcus's colorful graffiti sprawls, depicting a bird in flight. Bird's conflicting emotions about Marcus authentically reflect his African-American family's turmoil when his brother dies. His late Granddad's friend responds to Bird's despair with quiet strength: "You can fix a broken wing with a splint / and a bird can fly again / But you can't fix a broken soul." Elliott's sensitivity for her subjects resonates with Strickland's distinctive mixed-media art. Shifting perspectives and colors reflect Marcus's deepening addiction; his signature cap alters accordingly. Off-kilter lines exude the random energy and volatility of an addict. In two powerful double-page spreads, a doorway separates the brothers; Bird, flooded in light, reaches for Marcus, but his brother remains in the darkness. With unusual depth and raw conviction, Elliott's child-centered narrative excels in this debut. (Picture book. 8-12)Read full book review >