Books by Zoey Dean

GIRLS ON FILM by Zoey Dean
Released: May 1, 2004

"Straight series pop fiction, this guilty pleasure of a read again offers girls the fun of peeking through a chink in the gated walls of the rich, the beautiful, and the mean. (Fiction. YA)"
In Dean's second label-laden soap opera and shopping go-round, Anna Cabot Percy, the patrician, beautiful WASP transplant from New York, again crosses swords with Beverly Hills's A-List girls, the exceedingly wealthy but troubled daughters of Hollywood's elite show-business moguls, agents, and actors. Read full book review >
THE A-LIST by Zoey Dean
Released: Sept. 1, 2003

"As with the Gossip Girl books, adult readers will be struck by how alone these kids are—there is barely a caring adult in sight—while teens will get the thrill of seeing how the super-rich live, coupled with the heartening insight that money doesn't guarantee happiness. (Fiction. YA)"
In this fast-paced but uninspired soap opera, 17-year-old Anna Cabot Percy, an elegant, self-contained New York upper-crust WASP, goes to Los Angeles to visit her distant father and cast off her good-girl image. Read full book review >