Wild-born by Adrian Howell


From the "Psionic Pentalogy" series, volume 1
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In this first installment of a new YA urban-fantasy series, a boy discovers that with great telekinetic powers comes great danger from sinister organizations and others.

For years, 12-year-old Adrian noticed that objects around him seem to move on their own. Eventually, he realizes that it’s because he has the power of telekinesis. With practice, he grows powerful enough to fly his younger sister, Cat, around a room with his mind. However, he also becomes a target for other people with similar abilities, known as psionics. They’re divided into factions that have been fighting for years. As soon as they sense Adrian’s power, they send ruthless operatives to recruit him by any means necessary. On the run and unable to find his missing sister, Adrian seeks refuge with kindly psionic Cindy and her young charge, Alia, who suffered horrific abuse from her fanatically religious family because of her telepathic and healing abilities. He grows to care for both of them, but he still longs to find Cat—especially after he learns that one of the psionic factions may be holding her captive. However, outside the safety of Cindy’s home, Adrian faces other psionics trying to find him as well as government groups that want to capture and experiment on him. Pseudonymous debut author Howell, who shares a name with his protagonist, has a knack for writing realistic and relatable child heroes. It’s often hard to keep track of the various psionic powers, the various categories of powered people (such as destroyers or controllers), and the warring factions to which they belong (such as Guardians or Angels). As a result, readers may wish that Howell had included a glossary of these terms that they could easily reference. Despite this, the story is packed with enough action to keep readers engaged all the way through. The ending leaves the door wide open for the next installment in a planned five-part series.

A solid start to a new superhero saga.

Pub Date: Feb. 12th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4823-4902-3
Page count: 266pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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