The Urgency to Rethink Government, Business, Heart and Soul!
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Feld’s (Wake Up! Your Life is Calling!, 2009, etc.) self-help manual advocates a sensible, feel-good approach to surviving America’s economic downfall.

In this slim volume, Feld spouts statistics and what-ifs that should concern any American. “China is producing new engineering graduates at almost fifty times our rate in the United States,” he says. Or: What if the value of American homes keeps falling and the current economic state is the new normal? At first glance, Feld appears to be a scaremonger, although it’s hard to refute his logic. He says Americans have grown fat and lazy while the rest of the world has become educated, entrepreneurial, and willing to work for lower wages and fewer benefits. Feld postulates that if politicians continue to demand six-figure incomes and citizens insist on maintaining elite living standards, America will crumble. Endorsing a curious blend of the practical and the ethereal, Feld says that America’s only hope is to embrace love and “oneness.” By recognizing the spiritual thread that connects us all and working on raising our individual “vibrational energy,” Feld says that the country will prosper. The book offers specific, easy-to-follow methods intended to enable readers to access their nonphysical natures. Reaching beyond New Age notions of the higher self, the author proposes commonsense solutions to help overcome the global economic undoing, such as rejecting the victimhood mentality and adopting proactive rather than reactive financial measures. The book vacillates between being a spiritual self-help manual and an economic guide, managing to seamlessly blend the two approaches. It closes with astute suggestions to help reinvigorate America’s fallen state, particularly through a course of action that calls for individual responsibility, including daily meditation to awaken the spiritual aspect of socioeconomic regeneration. Less-spiritual steps toward economic stability include reclaiming overseas manufacturing by lowering domestic labor rates and denouncing material attachments. Some readers may find Feld’s budgetary concepts obvious and his approach too mystical, yet the disparate topics unify successfully into a compelling proposal.

A spiritual yet sturdy approach to an issue of national consequence.

Pub Date: Nov. 16th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1462058310
Page count: 144pp
Publisher: iUniverse
Program: Kirkus Indie
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