The Natural Laws Of Human Life by Aslan Dzitiev

The Natural Laws Of Human Life

The Basics
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A debut handbook for the guiding principles of human existence.

Dzitiev describes a natural universe ordered along four major levels: Power, “the first principle and first cause of all nature” that gives origin to everything else; the laws of nature, which “are an endless number of transformations of one power” and are thus “all in harmony with each other” and can transform into the final two levels—the “thin-material” world of intangible thoughts and feelings and the “coarse-material” world of observable reality. In Dzitiev’s conception, the “laws of nature are a man’s natural subconscious” and are broken up into two parts: the code of a law and the power of a law. In his view, the “life power” of an individual manifests itself in virtually every aspect of that individual’s life—“health, intuition, willpower, power of logical thought, endurance, luck, steadfastness, attractiveness,” etc.—affecting everything from feelings of personal peace to the actions and successes of job-hunters or politicians or anyone. The various levels of nature intertwine to inform the dynamics of everyday human life: “[A] man’s vital strength or life power is the power of the laws of nature refracted by the notions in his consciousness,” Dzitiev says. If an individual has very little life power, even his or her concerted efforts won’t advance his or her goals; on the other hand, successful people “possess a stronger kinetic power.” But a person is capable of changing and improving, he says, since “an ability to uncover the power of objects by understanding them…is a natural ability of man.” This open-ended quality to the theory makes Dzitiev’s worldview one of constant change, one in which the nature of the universe and the nature of the individual are intricately connected. “All a man’s natural qualities are completely open in his subconscious,” he says, “in the form of endless satisfaction and joy.” Dzitiev centers the instructional conclusions of his book on his contention that if the subconscious is out of balance, disharmony can result in a loss of power, and he addresses the effects of this disharmony (and the ways to fix it) with a passionate but commonsense voice. That said, the strategies he offers for understanding and harnessing life power can sometimes come across as vague. For the most part, though, readers will find a great many thought-provoking concepts in the easy-to-follow flow of Dzitiev’s prose.

A self-improvement manual that urges readers to access the power that’s all around them.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1491814840
Page count: 172pp
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Program: Kirkus Indie
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