THE RELUCTANT MESSENGER by Candice M.  Sanderson


Tales from Beyond Belief
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In this debut memoir, a psychologist shares the wisdom she received by opening her mind.

Sanderson is no stranger to the concepts of self-awareness and spirituality. As a psychologist who helps others cope during crisis situations and discover meaning in the most intense human experiences, she deftly writes about the mind’s often complex routes to finding inner fulfillment, peace, and enlightenment. This work is unusual in the way that it honestly shares a woman’s path to becoming a “medium” of sorts, tapping into the messages being distributed by energy sources around her. The author is open from the beginning about the shocking and uncomfortable nature of this transition, and invites readers to travel from the practical and research-based realm to the nonmaterial world of energy exchange. Sanderson repeatedly refers to “PoE,” which means “point of existence.” This idea involves using the heart to perceive events rather than simply employing the senses. For example, in a discussion of music, the author writes: “If humans would allow the music to flow through the heart centers, there would be a shift to a state of expanded awareness, which would allow for a fuller, richer experience than what the sense of hearing allows. The music carries the listener to a realm of expanded awareness where the energy of love allows emotional reactions to certain pieces of music.” This notion appears throughout the book, encouraging readers to draw on the heart to clear the mind’s “chatter” and embrace the world rather than simply relying on hearing, seeing, tasting, etc. Perhaps Sanderson’s greatest strength here is taking topics that might feel difficult for some readers to grasp—such as expanded awareness—and making them feel comfortable, accessible, intriguing, and engaging. The book will likely speak to those ready to take leaps of faith in their own odysseys to the unknown, tapping into new senses and experiences that question their past perceptions and limitations. If nothing else, readers should be inspired by the author’s bravery and candor in revealing the riveting details of her journey.

A strong autobiography recounts one woman’s road to spiritual enlightenment.

Pub Date: June 23rd, 2018
ISBN: 978-0-9996427-0-2
Page count: 246pp
Publisher: Clark Press
Program: Kirkus Indie
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by Alexa Keating