LUCKY AT LOVE by Cynthia Hamilton


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A magazine writer gets more than she bargained for when she goes looking for the secrets of love.

Though she hasn’t pinpointed her angle yet, journalist Allison Tyler-Wilcox has an idea for a story about why some people keep falling in love after numerous failed relationships. She’s particularly interested in Jake Sorenson, a rich, eccentric mule-rancher who has been married and divorced seven times, and claims to have lived with several dozen other women in his 60-odd years. In addition to ranching, he has also been a nightclub owner, a Hollywood stuntman, an antiques dealer and a South-American furniture importer. To Allison, who has been married for seven years, during which time her stature as a well-respected journalist has steadily risen as well, a track record of such variety is both baffling and intriguing. Arriving at Jake’s breathtaking 1,500-acre Buckin’ J Ranch in remote eastern Oregon, Allison is surprised to feel very much at home, due in no small part to Jake’s generous hospitality. In her few days on the ranch, she learns more about Jake’s storied love life and experiences a bit of drama first-hand, but she’s no closer to nailing down her story. Even after returning to San Francisco and moving on to her next assignment, she can’t let the story go, or get Jake out of her mind. She also discovers that her happy, comfortable marriage may not be so solid after all. Though it takes some time for her heroine to realize her true feelings, Hamilton will have readers swooning from the beginning, with sensitive, assured character and plot development and vivid renderings of Allison’s adventures.

A sweet, seductive love story.

ISBN: 0-9776278-0-2
Program: Kirkus Indie
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