A TekNoid Novel
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A debut novel that pulls no punches in exposing the dangers that alien terrorists pose to Earth–and the courage of the only woman who may be able to stop them.

The first chapter introduces a Dreadfon, “the most terrible, and lethal, weapon ever developed,” into the hands of the war-faring race the Drell. In the midst of an embittered feud with their sister planet, Baynoor, the Drell are poised to conquer not only their space rivals, but also to form an alliance with Earth-based corporation Galispan to stretch their power across the universe. On planet Axious V, all inhabitants are machines called TekNoids. Maj. Kareena Wolff is new to TekNopolis, pretending to have lost her ship in an asteroid storm. The truth is that she knows exactly where it is, having hidden the Illusion vessel in an area the TekNoids don’t monitor. Kareena has successfully infiltrated the aliens–or so she believes. A Chimera who has pledged to serve Earth as a protectorate, Kareena has put herself in mortal danger. She has no idea of the evil and violence she’s about to face from Cleansing, a terrorist group whose members have gained access to planets under the guise of goodwill, but who will stop at nothing to destroy human life. The author juggles several plotlines, developing one after another, until they come together as part of a whole picture that poses an immediate threat to Earth. In Kareena, Shannon has created an appealing protagonist whose balance of strengths and vulnerabilities make her a character to root for from the outset, and who provides a clear trajectory to follow throughout the story. Though the stakes are high for the unknowing Earthlings, readers will be more invested in Kareena. From one blow to the next, her commitment to preserving life as we know it never wavers, even when it appears she may lose her own.

The roller-coaster ride of aliens and machines is overly contrived, but its brave protagonist gives the story heart.

Pub Date: March 26th, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-595-40839-9
Program: Kirkus Indie
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