TRUCKDOGS by Graeme Base


Age Range: 10 - 14
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In a surreal yet compelling alternate Australia, where all creatures are vehicle/animal hybrids, a village of TruckDogs faces extinction. Plucky Sparky, the mayor’s son, adores the wild kids of the Mongrel gang. But even if Hercules, Zoe, and the rest accept him, his mother would never allow it. The cantankerous citizens of Hubcap don’t like ruckus, and the Mongrels are canines-non-grata around town. Only Rex, the battered mechanic with a mysterious past, shows quiet sympathy for Sparky and the Mongrels. When Sparky’s over-exuberance gets the Mongrels expelled from town, Hubcap rejects its heart: its children. But there’s no time for sadness: a bandit gang, the RottWheelers, has come to steal the town’s precious petrol. In the battle for Hubcap, the Mongrels will show their sterling qualities and the townspeople will reveal hearts of gold. Oddities abound: Where are all the other children? And how is it that animals that are trucks with dog heads manage to be quite so athletic? But the charm of this bizarre tall tale shines through. Quite strange, quite good. (glossary, list of full-color plates and TruckBug identification) (Fiction. 10-14)

Pub Date: March 1st, 2004
ISBN: 0-8109-5031-6
Page count: 192pp
Publisher: Amulet/Abrams
Review Posted Online:
Kirkus Reviews Issue: March 1st, 2004


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