ONE IN A THOUSAND by Ian Coristine


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Former race car driver and avid flier Coristine combines lyrical prose, stunning visuals and evocative melodies to open up a window on his favorite place in the entire world—tiny Raleigh Island on the St. Lawrence River.

Few ever get a chance to own their own island, and fewer still ever get the opportunity to render it as lovingly as Coristine and co-author Inglehart have done here. Had Coristine restricted himself to traditional publishing, his personal story and how he arrived on Raleigh after reinventing himself following a failed racing career would have been a significant triumph all on its own. The author traveled a hard road as a younger man dreaming of the checkered flag. Some who accompanied him along the way didn’t make it. The app’s interactive components lend a sense of splendid immediacy to that mournful past while creating an overall sense of place that imagination alone could never quite match. It’s the difference between reading about a place and actually visiting (well, almost). Complementary video, voice-over and bonus features (including suitably mellow folk music) all conspire to enhance the Raleigh Island experience in exciting ways. Each interactive element works seamlessly without ever feeling forced or intrusive. Want to get a closer look at the ramshackle cottage that Coristine first encountered when he arrived on Raleigh? Maybe check out the fortuitous cove that proved just wide enough to accommodate the author’s trusty ultralight aircraft? Click and point at your leisure for an expanded look. The narrative is vibrant enough on its own, but riding alongside the author in his ultralight and seeing exactly what he does certainly adds compelling new dimensions to the telling.

An appealing memoir from a man who found his own little piece of heaven—and the perfect way to share it with others.



Pub Date: April 24th, 2012
Publisher: McLellan Interactive Publishing
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