ROMINUS by Jonathan Amaret


The Initiation
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A tormented teenage boy is both pawn and Messiah in the centuries-old feud between powerful vampire clans ruling the world.

Author and filmmaker Amaret forgoes half-measures in this global vampire epic. Human history has been shaped by the long-living nocturnal bloodsuckers, whose origins date back to ancient Atlantis (and, it’s unsubtly suggested, to aliens before that). Empires, corporations, religion, the media—the vampires control it all, and they’re violently rushing toward the apocalyptic culmination of their bloody, ancient battle. Julian, a smart, sensitive but disadvantaged Hispanic teen in modern-day New York City, is a “chosen one” type; after his single-mom’s scheduled slaying, he’s abducted into an elite “rookery” that schools potential young vampires for future domination. But inconsolable, suicidal Julian fails to realize how high the stakes are until it’s nearly too late. In the looming vamp-Armageddon, Julian gets an unlikely rescuer in the rebel retinue of Vlad Tepes—aka Dracula. There, the narrative takes one of its few deep breaths during Julian’s intense training. Like Robert Anton Wilson’s Illuminatus! trilogy—but without the apparent satirical bend—the story appears to occur on an alternate Earth where every conspiracy theory holds true: the Bermuda Triangle is a cloudy, quasi-military experiment; Queen Elizabeth II controls the illegal drug trade and had a hand in Princess Diana’s assassination; most Jews aren’t true Jews, but the real ones used the Holocaust to eradicate the false ones. Some amendments to reality are in questionable taste. Aside from the brooding, self-doubting hero, the rest of the predatory nosferatu ensemble all seem to come in two flavors—bad guys and really, really bad guys—each more sinister and brazenly sadistic than the last. Yet the sheer audacity of Amaret’s blood-soaked plotting carries the book, all the way to a climax hinting at a sequel stirring restlessly in the grave.

A rampantly over-the-top saga of vampire royalty, tyranny and treachery with bite.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 2011
ISBN: 978-0983197195
Page count: 530pp
Publisher: Creative House Int'l
Program: Kirkus Indie
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