Journey of an Apprentice Dreamer by Karen C. Silverstein

Journey of an Apprentice Dreamer

Behold the Keeper's Practice
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Archetypes from nature and the tarot explain themselves in a compendium of dream encounters.

A gathering assembles in a clearing in the woods, a sacred space called Nementon in Celtic lore. Novice and Apprentice Dreamers have come to work with master teachers, or Seers, who are tarot symbols, animals and tree spirits in human form. What unfolds is a confusing procession from one entrancing segment to another, with minimal transition, and a switch without explanation from addressing the reader to first-person perspective, in the past and present tenses. It all befits a dream rich with imagery, detail and emotions. The narrative presumes and expects a commitment of interest that may elude casual readers. More accessible is the included reference guide of archetypes that can affect the human experience as well as dreams. Each of the 64 Seer dream chapters stands on its own as an exhaustively researched study of a specific tarot card, its symbolic meanings and the potential relevancy to an individual’s stage in a healing process or in life in general. Silverstein discusses not only the 22 major trumps of the tarot, but the same number of animals (including the lesser discussed leopard and goat), as well as 20 species of trees from the Celtic tradition. Rather than pedantic lecturing or talking down to her audience, Silverstein unfolds the discoveries with colloquial, if breathy, language that conveys both the emotional and intellectual information of each archetype. At book’s end, a handy tool awaits determined readers: methods for using the Seers as oracles. In addition to suggested spreads (deliberately selected Seers), Silverstein provides instructions for creating Ogham divination sticks from selected tree branches. This section’s clearly laid-out purpose would be welcome in the front of the book, too.

Packed with information and structurally overwhelming, but a solid resource for metaphysicians, healers, psychologists and students of dream imagery.

Pub Date: Feb. 26th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1478362456
Page count: 668pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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by Troy Searle