MADE FOR A PURPOSE by Kristie Wilde


From the "Joyful Creation" series, volume 1
written and illustrated by
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This illustrated children’s book explains why God gave animals their individual characteristics.

Why do frogs have eyes on top of their heads? Why do beavers have such long teeth? Why do turtles have thick shells? Debut author Wilde answers these and similar questions. The opening line is “God made everything for a purpose,” and the book takes a creationist rather than an evolutionary stance. To children, the idea that God created animals to fit their environments may not seem very different from animals adapting to their environments through the processes of evolution, but parents will be aware. For some, this may not be the book they want setting the stage for later understanding. But these are not Just-So stories; Wilde provides good explanations of how an animal’s body especially suits it to find food and shelter in varied environments. For example, frogs’ eyes are on top of their heads “so they can hide underwater and still see out!”; God gave turtles thick shells “so they can hide when they get startled!” The tone is warm and humorous, as when the turtle isn’t startled by a predator but by a curious baby turtle. The animals are friendly looking and sometimes quite beautiful, like the luscious rainbow trout; others are adorable, like fat-cheeked chipmunks. Some happy children illustrated in the last few pages appear multiracial. Wilde also provides nice touches when she plays with words and images. For example, the “w” in a duck’s “webbed feet” is made with tiny duck feet, perfectly illustrating the concept. Wilde’s beautiful, full-color, soft-edged pictures are very appealing while also providing accurate details about animals and their particular environments, including, for example, cutaway views of a beaver’s den or chipmunk’s lair. The final message to children is that God created them for a purpose, too: “so you can know Him and enjoy His creation!” Wilde succeeds in making all the varieties of creation enjoyable.

A beautifully illustrated, informative, and warmhearted book about animals from a creationist perspective.

Pub Date: July 13th, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9974828-0-5
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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