ANGEL FEVER by L.A. Weatherly


From the "Angel Burn" series, volume 3
Age Range: 12 - 18
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The Angel Burn trilogy ends with plenty of action and heaping portions of romance, complete with jealousy, rivalries and lovers’ quarrels.

In a nice twist on the usual angel meme, the angels in this series are the bad guys, feeding on humans’ auras and killing them. The humans respond by worshipping the angels even more, except for Willow and Alex’s band of Angel Killers. In middle volume Angel Fire (2012), the group succeeded in killing much of the angels’ leadership, but devastating worldwide earthquakes resulted, and the angels have pretty much taken over anyway. Half-angel Willow and boyfriend Alex find a secure underground CIA base where they train and plot, only to learn that they are so severely outnumbered that victory appears impossible. Meanwhile, half-angel Seb still loves Willow, who still loves Alex. Willow’s trek across the country and the solo adventure of another major character stand out as high points in this entry. Weatherly’s action scenes move briskly, and she draws out the impossible-to-win-but-can-they-do-it-anyway scenario. For romance fans, she provides appropriately spaced hot kissing scenes and hints at behind-the-curtains sex. Then there’s the lonely Seb, who can’t stop loving the unavailable Willow. The main characters are, of course, supermodel-attractive and bound together by raging love forever, except when they’re having a spat.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the standard-issue romance tropes, fans of the series will find all they want here. (Paranormal romance. 12 & up)

Pub Date: Nov. 26th, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-7636-5680-5
Page count: 496pp
Publisher: Candlewick
Review Posted Online:
Kirkus Reviews Issue: Sept. 1st, 2013


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