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Lane presents a year’s worth of pithy reflections and advice with a strong Christian inflection.

This book moves along as a diary/journal; each page is given over to a day of the year with Lane tackling some aspect of life’s progress with a few considered sentences and then leaving ample empty page space for the reader to jot down their thoughts. Many of the subjects are touched upon time and again—character, vulnerability, motivation, choice, blessings, curses, love, trust, honesty and acceptance. The hope is for prevention, to gain some insight into behavior and take corrective measures before the 12-step program is in order. The Christian cast to the proceedings is never in question—“Only one relationship redeems us because God is making us into His image and His best for us is who He has revealed Himself to be in Jesus Christ,” and “[t]he character of Jesus is the perfect role model”—but even those readers without Lane’s beliefs will find thoughtful, frank comments on such qualities as patience, honesty, awareness, generosity, goodness, encouragement, self-healing, decency and responsibility (“each person is still responsible for his own choices in life, reaping his own blessings and curses”). The days proceed apace and gather a motivational momentum as considerations build upon one another; vulnerability is built upon acceptance and honesty, character builds upon change. There are instances when Lane can be runic—“It’s like gouging out an infected eye, but if Christ is Lord then it isn’t even about the pain or what He can do, but it’s about who He is in the midst of it all”—and contradictory—“memory can be selective and pain is gone, just like that,” versus “Once you experience something, you never forget”—but she is never anything less than bighearted and optimistic.

Words of solace and inspiration ready to be put into action through your devices or a guiding Christian hand.

Pub Date: Jan. 8th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1453677513
Page count: 367pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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