Return of the Aeons by Richard C. Cook

Return of the Aeons

The Planetary Spiritual Ascension
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A lifelong student of Gnostic and esoteric philosophies laces a meandering path through his own life story with an encyclopedic overview of the wisdom of gurus and channeled beings.

As evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial beings and “vibrations” between humans and a higher power—whom he calls the Aeons—Cook (Challenger Revealed, 2006, etc.) offers support from a wide variety of teachings, including kabbalah, the Bible, and channeled materials from aliens, Jesus and other divine beings via books like A Course in Miracles and Love Without End: Jesus Speaks. These Aeons, Cook says, are available to help us transcend the ego in time to participate in the great changes of the Ascension of the Earth’s consciousness. In the first section of his book, Cook chooses extended quotations from his sources to present a world in which, despite humanity’s efforts to evolve, most of us are spiritually asleep. However, individual souls can attain “fourth-density consciousness” by learning, meditation and service to others. The second section, an autobiography through the lens of Cook’s journey through mystical organizations, lovingly highlights each individual teacher that came into his life while also incorporating the stories of his more worldly work as a NASA whistleblower after the explosion of the Challenger spacecraft. The third section is a less coherent mix of Cook’s ideas about revisionist economic history and monetary reform, the founding of the United States by Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin as intergalactic Wanderers, and conspiracy theories related to the assassination of JFK, UFOs and 9/11. The density of the material makes for tough reading, but compared to some other New Age fare, the book’s thoughtful organization, thorough presentation and clear writing amount to a solid choice for believers looking for alternative ideas about Earth’s evolution. Especially welcoming is Cook’s humility when honoring his teachers.

Otherworldly but approachable New Age philosophy through a personable lens.

Pub Date: Feb. 8th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1479364268
Page count: 454pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
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