SOUL ON THE RUN by Robin Korth


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Korth’s punchy debut memoir is also a guide to becoming more self-determined.

A self-proclaimed renegade, Korth has written a candid, inspiring memoir that reads like a frank conversation with a life coach who reveals her vulnerabilities in order to help others do the same. This unusual book, which includes pictures and anecdotes, doesn’t have a set structure and exemplifies Korth’s credo to operate according to her own rules. The author describes her heartbreaking efforts to live the life she was supposed to—straight A’s in school, size 4 even if it meant becoming bulimic. She chased the expectations of her parents—getting married, owning her own home, achieving outward perfection—but inside she felt muted and dull. She wasn’t pursuing her interests or realizing her potential. While attempting to fulfill her scripted role, Korth lost one of her children. She refused to mourn, insisting on moving forward. In her self-defeating struggle for others’ approval, she failed to see the importance of the journey rather than the outcome. While deep into alcoholism and self-imposed emotional abuse, Korth finally realized that, at almost 51, she hadn’t ever sought her own approval. The changes and self-realization she undertakes from that moment onward weren’t easy. She confronted her pain, feelings and mistakes and learned that it’s everyone’s responsibility to embrace his or her inner self. Korth’s book consists of the wisdom and musings that randomly occurred to her once she allowed herself to think freely. Brimming with courage and bravery, Korth questions the status quo and challenges her reader to do the same. Her observations are bold, motivating and authentic.

An original work that will amuse, inspire and motivate readers.

Pub Date: May 5th, 2014
ISBN: 978-1452590998
Page count: 196pp
Publisher: BalboaPress
Program: Kirkus Indie
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