FUTURELAND by Walter Mosley


Nine Stories of an Imminent World
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Nine linked stories that continue Mosley’s foray into science fiction that began in Blue Light (1998). Mystery fans eager for another outing with Easy Rawlins or Socrates Fortlow can find a version of Mosley's brand of socially stigmatized, African-American crime-solver in New York private detective Folio Johnson, a former bodyguard who nearly died saving his employer, the megalomaniacal MacroSoft Corp. head Dr. Ivan Kismet (owner of the world's richest, biggest corporation and head of a new religion that posits that God can be reached directly through technology), and was thus blessed by Dr. Kismet with a mechanical eye that can scan DNA and a chunk of computerized circuitry in his brain that links him with the Internet and every communications system in the dark, gritty, overwired, debauched mid-21st century. “Electric Eye,” the central story here, comes close to being a cyberpunk parody of the hard-boiled genre, in which its tired clichés–winning a fallen woman's love, waking up next to a freshly murdered corpse, etc.–are given a futuristic gloss. As cyberpunk godfather William Gibson did in Count Zero and Burning Chrome, Mosley uses stylish characters and technobabble to navigate an intricate, grimy, technologically baroque urban landscape where the struggles of exploited, marginalized, unusually gifted individuals, most of whom are racial, technological, or genetic hybrids like Folio, make significant—if occasionally unintended—changes in the repressive, vindictive, cruelly depersonalized world around them.

A vivid, exciting and, on the whole, well-executed take on cyberpunk that measures up to the work done 15 years ago by the Gibson and Bruce Sterling—but will Mosley’s mystery fans go for them?

Pub Date: Nov. 12th, 2001
ISBN: 0-446-52954-0
Page count: 368pp
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Kirkus Reviews Issue: Sept. 1st, 2001


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