From the Violet Hour series , Vol. 2

Extreme gore and exciting suspense in a highly strange package.

The story of a bizarre cult morphs into a horror novel in this sequel to The Violet Hour (2014).

Harlow should have become the Matriarch of VisionCrest, the new worldwide religion founded by her father, but Isiris, the evil goddess the cult worships, has trapped her in a temple in Cambodia. Somehow Harlow must find the single door among thousands that will allow her to escape from the labyrinthine temple. Meanwhile, through the eyes of Isiris, she sees the murders the goddess commits, having taken her place in the outside world. Masquerading as Harlow, Isiris kills thousands of innocents in horrific ways, effectively destroying civilization as we know it. Once outside the temple, Harlow meets Parker, a girl who joins with her to find Hayes, now the leader of the faltering Resistance. The pair travels across China and Russia, avoiding the death-dealing Watchers who enforce the wishes of the goddess. Miller alternates chapters between Harlow’s time trapped in the temple and what happens after she escapes, a device that disrupts the flow of the narrative. This novel is full-on horror, the gruesome murders so horrific they might make Stephen King blush. The story concludes with a hint of parallel worlds, leaving readers to wonder if there may be yet a third novel to come.

Extreme gore and exciting suspense in a highly strange package. (Horror. 14-18)

Pub Date: March 8, 2015

ISBN: 978-0-7387-4204-5

Page Count: 312

Publisher: Flux

Review Posted Online: Dec. 9, 2014

Kirkus Reviews Issue: Jan. 1, 2015


Riveting horror combined with savvy social commentary.

California victims of a climate change–induced pandemic uncover a deadly plot.

Two years ago, humanity was forever changed when melting permafrost unleashed a strange pathogen. Those affected by the Hollowing developed the need and desire to consume human flesh. Fortunately, lab-grown SynFlesh allows them to lead mostly normal lives. Zoey, Celeste, Jasmine, and Valeria, who all suffer from Hollowness, are headed to the Desert Bloom music festival in the Mojave Desert. On their way, they meet No Flash Photography, one of the bands. Val becomes enamored with Eli despite the lead singer’s anti-Hollow stance. At his invitation, they attend a party at the festival, in the middle of which Val runs away. The other girls find her consuming Kaiden, Eli’s band mate. After a blood-induced frenzy, they have both a dead body to dispose of and a mystery to solve, as they discover that a strange powder added to Val’s drink may have induced her attack. As Val’s appetites increase and other Hollows are drugged, the friends must uncover the one responsible and bring them to justice before society turns on all Hollow people. This gripping, layered novel centers queer and racially diverse characters. Through the device of an unusual hunger, it offers perceptive examinations of scapegoating, alienation, and self-loathing that will resonate with teens from marginalized and stigmatized communities, especially LGBTQ+ ones. At the same time, it is a satisfying read for any fan of zombie stories.

Riveting horror combined with savvy social commentary. (content warning) (Horror. 14-18)

Pub Date: April 25, 2023

ISBN: 978-1-72823-644-5

Page Count: 304

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Review Posted Online: Jan. 11, 2023

Kirkus Reviews Issue: Feb. 1, 2023


From the Wolves of No World series , Vol. 2

An inspiring, powerful tale of belonging.

The follow-up to Lobizona (2020) sees its protagonist’s fight for equality and acceptance reach new heights.

After the events of the first book, Manu and her friends flee their magical school and are on the run to avoid the Cazadores who aim to capture anyone who doesn’t conform to the stringent gender binary laws of their world. Manu, as the first ever known female werewolf and a Septimus/human hybrid to boot, could lose her life if she’s discovered. Illegal in both worlds, Manu’s only chance is to find the Coven, a legendary underground movement of outcasts who she hopes will welcome them with open arms. Once she meets the people of the Coven, Manu encounters a world full of Septimus who are willing to risk anything for change. But how far is Manu willing to go? In this effervescent sequel full of magic and beautiful imagery, Manu learns to reclaim her own narrative and, together with her lovable found family, including misfits Saysa and Cata as well as boyfriend Tiago, stake out a place in the world where she belongs. Refreshingly, Manu and her friends are not presented as uniquely positioned to change the world: They join a multigenerational, ongoing fight against oppression that aims to give voice to the nonconforming voiceless. All characters are Argentine, with a variety of skin tones, gender identities, and sexualities.

An inspiring, powerful tale of belonging. (Paranormal. 14-18)

Pub Date: Aug. 17, 2021

ISBN: 978-1-250-23915-0

Page Count: 416

Publisher: Wednesday Books

Review Posted Online: May 31, 2021

Kirkus Reviews Issue: June 15, 2021