Series: Blossom Culp

Released: March 7, 1986

"If readers can overlook several unbelievable coincidences that help her accomplish her task, they'll enjoy this offbeat, spirited tale of a resourceful girl facing a challenge with courage and humor."
Fans of the unflappable Blossom Culp and Alexander Armsworth, her unwitting companion in the occult, will welcome this fourth book about Blossom with open arms. Read full book review >
GHOSTS I HAVE BEEN by Richard Peck
Released: Oct. 1, 1977

"Never one for false modesty (on page one Blossom bills herself as 'the most famous girl in two countries'), Peck's heroine proves to be such a redoubtable 'Seeress' that despite the extravagant self-promotion, she just about manages to live up to the hype."
So closely does this follow The Ghost Belonged to Me (1975) that at times Peck's sequel on Second Sight verges on déja vu. Read full book review >
Released: April 28, 1975

"But Peck throws in enough scary moments to prove that he'd be a winner in any campfire storytelling session, and in that spirit he will keep his audience giggling and just a little frightened at the same time."
"There are several opinions that people hold regarding ghosts, and not one of them would clinch an argument." Read full book review >