12 Most Cinematic Indie Books of 2014 (So Far) [SHOWING SLIDE 1 OF 12]

This year, more than 1,300 books have traveled through IndieLand so far. Some went on to grab a Kirkus star, media attention or a movie deal. Lori St. John, author of The Corruption of Innocence, an account of her fight to save a convicted murderer from execution, emailed to tell us, “I recently sold the movie rights to a well-known Hollywood producer who is a perfect fit!” Which other Indie books might lend themselves to the big screen? With Noah in theaters, the world of Plague of Angels, a shadowy fantasy in which “demons find themselves free to torment the human race,” begs to be CGIed. Henry’s Re-Entry, a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas–style picaresque set in New Mexico, with dialogue that is “by turns probing, poignant and hilarious,” seems like a natural. And Sutro’s Glass Palace, about the long defunct San Francisco bathhouse—“a lavish complex of pools, bleachers, changing rooms, restaurants, exhibits and displays”—may inspire a documentarian to reimagine and resurrect, via archival materials, the giant glass, iron and wood landmark. We present to you a dozen of our most cinematic books; you supply the Milk Duds and Twizzlers. —Karen Schechner

A BECKONING WAR by Matthew Murphy
Kirkus Star
by Matthew Murphy

"An empathetic yet flawed man drives this wonderful novel, the first from an author ready for a glittering literary career."
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