We've Read the Book, Now We Can't Wait for the Movie [SHOWING SLIDE 10 OF 10]

There’s no reason to assume the book is always better than the movie. Of the film adaptations of books slated to be released in the next few months and into next year, however, these are the film versions of books we can’t wait to see. (We know that Fifty Shades of Grey is being made into a film, but haven’t we all had enough of that already?) So if you’re someone who likes to read the book before seeing the movie, here are our best bets.

JAMES THURBER by Harrison Kinney
by Harrison Kinney

In theaters Dec. 25. Ben Stiller and Kristen Wiig star in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, an adaptation of legendary humorist James Thurber’s short (very short) story that first appeared in The New Yorker in 1939.

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