Books by Adam Thorpe

Adam Thorpe was born in Paris in 1956. His first novel, Ulverton, was published in 1992. He has written four other novels—most recently, No Telling—a collection of stories, and four books of poetry. He lives in France with his wife and three children.

Released: March 9, 2006

"Thorpe's exploration of these polarities occasionally feels manipulative. But his novel's conceptual power and insistent celebration of art's power to endure make it a moving and rewarding reading experience."
Civilization's survival in a climate of devastation is the theme of the British (now French resident) author's sixth novel. Read full book review >
PIECES OF LIGHT by Adam Thorpe
Released: Jan. 1, 2000

"Plot details don't do this eerie, mood-laced saga justice, but driving the novel along with the central mystery, skillfully suspended, is as somber and compelling a view of folklore and folkways as has been seen in fiction in some time."
No less a savage indictment of rural English life than was its predecessor (ULVERTON, 1992), Thorpe's newest epic is at once more personal and more profound as it details the mysteries and tragedies of a child born in Africa and transported to his uncle's house in England for schooling. Read full book review >
ULVERTON by Adam Thorpe
Released: Nov. 1, 1992

"A sobering, insightful, stylistic tour de force full of historical nuances and bleak humor: this is a chronological cross- section of a rural English community and its brutal way of life."
Multifaceted and many-voiced: a complex debut that's a saga of an English village viewed over more than three centuries, and conveyed as a series of distinct but interrelated episodes involving successive generations of families and neighbors. Read full book review >