Books by Alan Bance

KALTENBURG by Marcel Beyer
Released: April 17, 2012

"This scattershot novel could have used some livelier scenes to ensure a richer presentation of its protagonist."
Ornithologists single-mindedly pursue their vocation in post-World War II East Germany; a sui generis third novel from the German author. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 1, 2008

"A courageous, surprisingly buoyant memoir from one of modern history's most somber eras."
The author energetically chronicles his life as a young Jew living underground in Nazi Germany. Read full book review >
WINIFRED WAGNER by Brigitte Hamann
Released: Dec. 4, 2006

"A unique perspective on the Wagners, centered on the clan's most controversial member and most tumultuous period."
Austrian historian Hamann (Hitler's Vienna, 1999) tells the story of a British-born woman who married into Germany's legendary musical family and befriended the leader of the Third Reich. Read full book review >