Books by Marcel Beyer

MARCEL BEYER was born and raised in Cologne. The author of several novels and collections of poems, he has received numerous awards and was named one of the best young novelists in the world by the New Yorker. He lives in Dresden.

KALTENBURG by Marcel Beyer
Released: April 17, 2012

"This scattershot novel could have used some livelier scenes to ensure a richer presentation of its protagonist."
Ornithologists single-mindedly pursue their vocation in post-World War II East Germany; a sui generis third novel from the German author. Read full book review >
SPIES by Marcel Beyer
Released: July 11, 2005

"A bit labored and opaque, but atmospheric, increasingly engrossing and ultimately very rewarding."
The metaphor of espionage is put to good effect, in an intricate tale by German author Beyer. Read full book review >
THE KARNAU TAPES by Marcel Beyer
Released: Nov. 1, 1997

"A good novel that might have been a much better one."
A powerful first novel suffering from weaknesses—winner of Germany's Ernst Willner Prize—describes the final days of WW II from two intriguingly blended viewpoints. Read full book review >