Books by Alexander Jablokov

DEEPDRIVE by Alexander Jablokov
Released: Aug. 5, 1998

"Astonishing, hypercomplicated, semi-surreal, with a hatful of ingeniously realized aliens shimmering beneath a delightfully sustained aura of black-comic paranoia."
In Jablokov's (Nimbus, 1993, etc.) far-future, numerous alien species with their starspanning "deepdrives" are active in the solar system; humankind, lacking any deepdrive of its own, schemes desperately to acquire one. Read full book review >
NIMBUS by Alexander Jablokov
Released: Oct. 1, 1993

"Better than the mediocre A Deeper Sea (1992), not as good as the splendid Carve the Sky (1991)."
Murder-mystery/brain-puzzler, set in 2030, in which narrator Peter Ambrose—who makes his living installing ``virts'' (specialized interactive computer chips) in the heads of his clients—wakes one morning to find his computer displaying the hologram of a recent murder victim. Read full book review >
A DEEPER SEA by Alexander Jablokov
Released: Nov. 1, 1992

Near-future exploration of war and dolphin/whale intelligence, from the author of a stunning debut, Carve the Sky (1991). Read full book review >