Books by Alexandra Ripley

A LOVE DIVINE by Alexandra Ripley
Released: Sept. 19, 1996

"More detail about Joseph and his time—real and imagined—than many may have imagined wanting, but with the significant exception of her weakened conclusion, Ripley makes this informative read also entertaining. (Author tour)"
The earnest, prone-to-ramble Ripley—of the oft-panned Scarlett, the sequel to Gone with the Wind, plus many others- -tackles a challenging, somewhat obscure subject here with distinctly mixed results. Read full book review >
FROM FIELDS OF GOLD by Alexandra Ripley
Released: Nov. 25, 1994

"A paperback original spilling out of its hardcover corset."
Slim pickings from the turn-of-the-century North Carolina tobacco industry, by the author of Scarlett (not reviewed) and a slew of other Southern-fried fiction (New Orleans Legacy, 1987, etc.). Read full book review >