Books by Alison Ritchie

ME AND MY GRANDMA! by Alison Ritchie
Released: March 1, 2018

"The overall sweet-tempered tenor will especially appeal to grandparents who regularly provide day care, even if with a bit less adventure and excitement. (Picture book. 2-5)"
The special bond between grandmother and child is highlighted in the latest addition to the bear family series that also includes Me and My Mom! (2009) and Me and My Dad! (2011). Read full book review >
Released: May 12, 2015

"The sophisticated graphics lack the warmth and variety needed to justify yet another rendering of this oft-told fable. (Picture book. 2-4)"
Flat graphic images in pastel colors reinterpret the well-known tale. Read full book review >
DUCK SAYS DON'T! by Alison Ritchie
Released: June 1, 2012

"Despite the forced whimsy of the illustrations, the book positively reeks of a Lesson to be Learned, so it is just about as much fun as Duck. (Picture book. 4-7)"
Goose leaves Duck in charge when she leaves her pond, with unhappy results. Read full book review >
ME AND MY MOM! by Alison Ritchie
Released: April 1, 2009

A rather slim but shaggy and perpetually smiling mother bear and her baby disport themselves through the seasons in this companion to 2007's Me and My Dad! A predictable doggerel ("We make strings of flowers / and Mom is so clever / That her daisy chain / seems to go on forever") keeps readers in an oral full nelson while Edgson's equally predictable soft-edged full-bleed illustrations show the teddy-bear-like sow and cub plaiting flowers, sliding on ice, playing in leaves, swimming and just loving each other. An easy sell in this season, but both mothers and their children deserve better than this calculatedly cute concoction. (Picture book. 2-5)Read full book review >
ME AND MY DAD! by Alison Ritchie
Released: May 1, 2007

A playful and loving father and son spend a delightful day bonding together, from a wake-up nose tickle to a final nighttime cuddle. Narrated by the son, the gentle rhyming text highlights the best parts of the day for him . . . and the best traits of his dad. "We race to the river / and Dad jumps straight in. / I climb on his back / and we go for a swim." The two dodge raindrops, search for hidden wonders, find honey, hide from a thunderstorm and tell stories. Throughout, it's obvious that Dad is a hero to his son for his strength, dependability, knowledge of forest secrets and for the security and fun that he brings to his child's life. Edgson's full-bleed illustrations render the father and son duo as cuddly Teddy bear-like figures with wonderfully expressive faces. She perfectly captures the energy, exuberance and joy of the bears as they spend their day together. More and more titles are emerging that celebrate the special bond between fathers and their children; this one adds beautifully to that genre. (Picture book. 3-7)Read full book review >
WHAT BEAR LIKES BEST! by Alison Ritchie
Released: June 1, 2005

Bear, a joy-filled creature, is having a lovely relaxing time traipsing through a chalky bright meadow with nothing to do but rest, splash, scratch, swing and skip. His bucolic world is enticing him, but he's in trouble with bee who wants to collect pollen, mole who wants to dig, heron who wants to fish, fox who wants to sleep and woodpecker who wants to peck holes. Why? Because they are busy, and bear is in the way. Each distressed animal's complaint is in almost the same words creating a cumulative tale, simple to follow and enjoy. Bear is likable and responds sympathetically to each animal's protest. Finally, the animals recognize how much fun he is. In her sunny scenes, Kolanovic sprinkles humorous touches throughout; for instance, one of the fish who escaped heron sticks out its tongue and spits, "blah." Playing with friends really is the thing to like best. (Picture book. 2-5)Read full book review >