Books by Alyson Richman

ALYSON RICHMAN graduated from Wellesley College in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Japanese studies. She began writing after having been awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship for graduate study and travel abroad. Her fellowship enabled her to res

THE RHYTHM OF MEMORY by Alyson Richman
Released: Oct. 2, 2012

"Wonderful in places, but sometimes more of a downer than many readers may bargain for; Richman's latest could have withstood some judicious pruning without losing its rhythm."
Richman explores the story of two couples whose lives touch in unexpected ways. Read full book review >
THE LAST VAN GOGH by Alyson Richman
Released: Oct. 3, 2006

"Despite Richman's talent with visual detail, nothing new about van Gogh is illuminated, and wan Marguerite never comes fully to life."
Another in the ever-expanding genre of possible romances between famous painters and their subjects. Read full book review >
SWEDISH TANGO by Alyson Richman
Released: Oct. 25, 2004

"Richman flirts with some interesting issues of private priorities—family and love—versus the greater public good by showing both Salome and Octavio's points of view, but ultimately the Nicholas Sparks-style sentimentality gets in the way."
Second-novelist Richman (The Mask of the Carver's Son, 2000) pits political morality against personal loyalty as a Chilean exile in Sweden recovers slowly from being brutally kidnapped in retaliation by the Pinochet government. Read full book review >
THE MASK CARVER'S SON by Alyson Richman
Released: Feb. 1, 2000

"Better luck next time to a first-time author who tends to write from the brain rather than from the heart."
An occasionally evocative if often amateurish tale of ninth-century Japan and a young painter's longing for art and love. Read full book review >