Books by Andrea Rosenberg

THE STORM by Tomás González
Released: Nov. 20, 2018

"Fabulist elements, lyrical prose, and a chorus of narrative voices give this slim novel depth and breadth."
Old family resentments build along with a storm off the coast of Colombia. Read full book review >
PABLO ESCOBAR by Juan Pablo Escobar
Released: Aug. 30, 2016

"Uneven but will satisfy curiosity regarding the tawdry reality of childhood within a criminal family."
Biography of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar (1949-1993) by his understandably conflicted son. Read full book review >
THE SKY OVER LIMA by Juan Gómez Bárcena
Released: May 17, 2016

"Charming if a bit precious, Bárcena's novel is both a love letter to the creative process and a contemplation on the sometimes-blurred line between life and art."
Spain's Bárcena has based his first novel on a true if bizarre literary hoax concocted in 1904: a romantic correspondence between rising young Spanish poet Juan Ramon Jiménez (eventual recipient of the 1956 Nobel Prize) and two Peruvian men pretending to be a young female fan. Read full book review >