Books by Andrew Todhunter

A MEAL OBSERVED by Andrew Todhunter
Released: Feb. 18, 2004

"Has the same flair and expert pacing as the meal. (11 illustrations)"
A highly companionable evening spent with Todhunter (Dangerous Games, 2000, etc.) and his wife at the great Parisian eatery Taillevent, where the conversational flow complements the dinner to a T. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 19, 2000

"Todhunter at times misplaces his fear, though his artful talent for describing the telling moments in extreme sports, as well as their often-otherworldly settings, is everywhere."
Top-draw extreme sports writing from Todhunter (Fall of the Phantom Lord, 1998), unadorned and vital and appealingly decorous. Read full book review >
FALL OF THE PHANTOM LORD by Andrew Todhunter
Released: Aug. 4, 1998

"Classic participant-observer journalism—informed and heady—that brightly illuminates the strange, enthralling world of risk sports."
A thoughtful, elegant portrait of risky business, focusing on rock climber and leaper Dan Osman, and with much startling autobiographical material from Atlantic Monthly contributor Todhunter. Read full book review >