Books by Anna Egan Smucker

FALLINGWATER by Marc Harshman
Released: Oct. 17, 2017

"Will provide some inspiration for budding architects. (authors' note, artist's note, bibliography, notes) (Informational picture book. 6-9)"
Late in his career, architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed one of the world's most famous houses. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 3, 2015

"As happy a piece of ecclesiastical cuisine as can be imagined (Picture book. 5-9)"
A fanciful and inventive version of how those yummy big soft pretzels came to be. Read full book review >
GOLDEN DELICIOUS by Anna Egan Smucker
Released: Sept. 1, 2008

This lightly fictionalized story of the golden delicious apple truly reads like a fairy tale. In 1905 Missouri, the famous Stark Bro's Nursery is the place farmers send their apples, hopeful that the brothers will want to sell the apples to their customers. But Paul and Lloyd are picky, likening each taste of a new apple to trying a glass slipper on another woman's foot. Meanwhile, in West Virginia, Anderson Mullins discovers a one-of-a-kind apple tree on his property that produces the most delicious golden apples. They win fair ribbons, yield year after year and stay sweet even through winter storage. In 1914 he sends three to the Starks and it becomes their Cinderella apple. Paul journeys to West Virginia to buy the apple tree, bringing back twigs to graft onto the trees back home. And from that one tree, every golden delicious apple is descended. The colors of Kemly's charming watercolor-and-ink illustrations neatly evoke the time period and the agricultural theme. A standout amidst the proliferation of apple books found in elementary classrooms. (author's note) (Picture book. 6-10)Read full book review >