Books by Brian Alderson

THUMBELINA by Hans Christian Andersen
Released: Oct. 1, 2009

"A cozily satisfying rendition of the classic. (Picture book/fairy tale. 4-8)"
Pint-sized Thumbelina faces danger and despair as she searches for true love. Read full book review >
THE TALE OF THE TURNIP by Brian Alderson
Released: Aug. 1, 1999

"The highlight of this one-punch story is Wegner's expressive line drawings, in which the characters' changing emotions are aptly captured; his pen takes in every detail of the squire's estate and the farmer's fields. (Picture book. 3-7)"
When a poor farmer lucks out with a turnip that grows to gigantic proportions, he uses a block and tackle just to yank the huge root from the ground, and takes it to the king. Read full book review >
THE SWAN'S STORIES by Hans Christian Andersen
Released: Aug. 1, 1997

"Riddell's charmingly appropriate full-color illustrations and black-and-white spot drawings, as well as the meticulous and graceful layout, make the book a welcome addition to any shelf- -but getting children to read it is an entirely different matter. (glossary) (Fiction/folklore. 7-11)"
Alderson (The Brothers Grimm, p. 299, etc.) translates 12 stories, some of which he previously published (e.g., in his edition of Andrew Lang's The Yellow Fairy Book, 1980, etc.). ``The Steadfast Tin Soldier'' and ``The Fir Tree'' are here, but so are stories about the lives of other inanimate objects: darning needle, collar, porcelain toys. Read full book review >
Released: March 15, 1997

"A nicely balanced, mid-sized gathering. (Folklore. 10+)"
In nearly three dozen MÑrchen—``strange little tales''- -newly translated and illustrated, Alderson mixes the usual suspects—``The Bremen Town Musicians,'' ``The Frog King,'' ``Little Snow White,'' ``The Twelve Dancing Princesses,'' etc.- -with less common entries, such as the gruesome, peculiar ``Fitcher's Bird'' and a variant on ``The Three Sillies'' called ``The Sad Tale of Clever Elsie,'' in which the suitor later repents of his marriage and tricks the foolish girl into running off. Read full book review >