Books by Brian Hall

FALL OF FROST by Brian Hall
Released: March 31, 2008

"A rich, contemplative and rewarding exercise in the biographical novel."
A leisurely, episodic, lightly and sympathetically fictionalized account of the life of Robert Frost. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 13, 2003

"Not easy, but a serious, ambitious, complex and greatly worthwhile book. Just like the trip."
Travel writer and novelist Hall (The Saskiad, 1997, etc.) expertly deploys his combined skills in a long look at the long travels of Lewis and Clark. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 10, 1997

"Nevertheless, it's a pleasure to have a father report so astutely and with such concern on a baby growing up."
A father's close-up view of his daughter's growing up, from her active days in the womb to the exhausted tantrum at the end of her third birthday. Read full book review >
THE SASKIAD by Brian Hall
Released: Jan. 23, 1997

"Finally, Saskia's hard-won accommodation with life at the climax is moving, offering a realistic and satisfying conclusion to a highly original novel. (Author tour)"
Saskia, a bright, sardonic, fiercely imaginative adolescent, offers a salty record of her coming-of-age in this sharply observant novel. Read full book review >
Released: July 1, 1994

"Understandably incomplete as a tale of recent history, but a worthy aid to understanding Yugoslavia's demise."
An incisive and affecting Yugoslavian travelogue from May to mid-September 1991, just as the country split up and its former republics went to war. Read full book review >