Books by Brian McGrory

BUDDY by Brian McGrory
Released: Nov. 6, 2012

"An unexpectedly melancholy meditation on marriage, mortality and the merits of living in suburbia."
The story of a newspaper columnist who got a second shot at love and happiness in the suburbs—only a crazed rooster named Buddy stood in his way. Read full book review >
STRANGLED by Brian McGrory
Released: Feb. 6, 2007

"Though McGrory is himself a journalist (for The Boston Globe), his fictional journalist fails to convince, as does his reenergized Strangler."
Could it be? The Boston Strangler doing his thing again after four decades? Read full book review >
DEAD LINE by Brian McGrory
Released: Jan. 2, 2004

"Readers surviving the gratuitously glam thrills may well agree with Jack's demurral: 'Not that this has anything to do with the price of Spam in Kuwait.'"
A storied real-life crime leaps out of yesterday's headlines to throw Boston Record reporter Jack Flynn (The Nominee, 2002, etc.) and those around him into danger. Read full book review >
THE NOMINEE by Brian McGrory
Released: Sept. 1, 2002

"'The air wasn't just hot,' Flynn tells us of his trip to Florida. 'It was like climbing inside a pig's anus and sloshing around in his lower intestine.' One wonders how McGrory does his research."
A routine but delightfully breezy over-the-top plotboiler continuing the two-fisted adventures of the Boston Globe's journalist hero, columnist Jack Flynn. Read full book review >
THE INCUMBENT by Brian McGrory
Released: Sept. 1, 2000

What's the quickest way for a D.C. correspondent's career to take off? Being on the scene of a presidential assassination attempt—as the surrogate hero of Boston Globe columnist McGrory discovers to his cost in this breathless debut thriller. Read full book review >