Books by Brian Moore

Released: Jan. 26, 1998

"The Magicians' Wife is another triumph. (Literary Guild Selection)"
The drama of embattled faith that makes up his preoccupying theme takes one of its most unusual and interesting forms so far in this impressive new work from the Canadian author whose long career has recently peaked with such compact and well-crafted novels as No Other Life (1992) and The Statement (1996). Read full book review >
THE STATEMENT by Brian Moore
Released: June 10, 1996

"They don't write them any better than this. (Author tour)"
A superlative political novel that, like its immediate predecessors, Lies of Silence (1990) and No Other Life (1993), blends the visceral appeal of a beautifully plotted thriller with the more complex pleasures of a thoughtful exploration of conflicting and long-lingering moral quandaries. ``The statement'' is an explanatory declaration that is to be pinned to the body of 70-year-old Pierre Brossard, a former officer in the ``Milice'' that carried out the Vichy government's WW II policy of collaboration with the Nazis, and a known murderer of Jews. Read full book review >
NO OTHER LIFE by Brian Moore
Released: Sept. 1, 1993

"Moore's gift (Lies of Silence, 1990, etc.) for framing volatile political and religious questions in terms of particular human experience has never been taken to such extraordinary lengths as in this brief, ambitious, deeply unsettling novel."
A Catholic priest presents the parable of the rise and fall (or is it an apotheosis?) of a charismatic statesman and holy man—an ambiguous contemporary messiah—on a poor, deeply troubled West Indian island. Read full book review >