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Released: April 1, 1994

"And he explains how the others are grounded in the cuisine he knows and does best. (Book-of-the-Month- Club Alternate Selection)"
Franey, recently retired from his New York Times and syndicated food column, looks back with clarity, precision, and considerable charm on his Burgundy childhood in a food-centered family; his rigorous training in Paris eateries (after leaving home and school forever at 14); and his American career as a French chef making his name in restaurant kitchens, newspaper columns, cookbooks, and television series. ``Anyone who has ever tried to cook well knows that about 50 percent of the job is focus, the willingness to concentrate,'' Franey notes. Read full book review >
CUISINE RAPIDE by Pierre Franey
Released: April 4, 1989

Franey, The New York Times' "Sixty-Minute Gourmet," gives a new French name to his spiffy and uncomplicated offerings, which can be as simple as mashed potatoes or as quick as a five-minute salmon mousse. Read full book review >