Books by Catherine Bailey

Released: Oct. 29, 2019

"Right to the nail-biting end, this book captures your attention in alternating dread, fear, and hope."
An uplifting, exciting story of the extraordinary actions of one family during World War II. Read full book review >
HARBOR BOUND by Catherine Bailey
Released: May 14, 2019

"While the logical concerns don't sink this ship, muffed details have it awash at the scuppers. (Picture book. 4-7)"
A father-and-child team venture out together on their tugboat, rescuing a small boat and navigating a storm before returning safely to their harbor. Read full book review >
MIND YOUR MONSTERS by Catherine Bailey
Released: Aug. 4, 2015

"While not as original as Mo Willems' The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? (2012) or as much fun as Ryan Heshka's Welcome to Monster Town (2010), this should win some fans. (Picture book. 4-8) "
Monsters are mighty, but even they can be tamed by one powerful word: please. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 30, 2014

"The real value of this work is in the recounting of the ends of two classes, the lower and the very upper."
TV producer and director Bailey (The Secret Rooms: A True Gothic Mystery, 2012) uses the downfall of the Fitzwilliam family to examine the history of the coal industry in England.Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 1, 2014

"A compelling exposé on the once-almighty laws of ducal inheritance."
A British documentary producer and historian creates a bang-up detective story around mysterious gaps in the archives chronicling the sad tale of the ninth Duke of Rutland. Read full book review >