Books by Catherine Burns

THE VISITORS by Catherine Burns
Released: Sept. 26, 2017

"The creepiness begins as a slow burn, but logic ruins the sense of horror—despite the horrible truth that lurks in the basement."
A socially awkward middle-aged woman learns some dark truths about her family in Burns' debut psychological thriller. Read full book review >
ALL THESE WONDERS by Catherine Burns
Released: March 21, 2017

"As Neil Gaiman writes in his foreword, 'the Moth teaches us not to judge by appearances. It teaches us to listen. It reminds us to empathize.' Here's to at least 20 more years."
The Moth's 20-year retrospective contains all the hope, sadness, triumphs, and tribulations that have defined the pioneering live reading series since its modest debut in 1997. Read full book review >
THE MOTH by Catherine Burns
Released: Sept. 3, 2013

"Comes across as a vanity project that does little credit to the storytelling process."
Storytellers from a diverse array of backgrounds present true tales via a New York-based organization broadcasting at Read full book review >