Books by Charles Ghigna

Released: Oct. 9, 2018

"The multicultural faces make this a good choice for preschool and early-elementary shelves, especially in settings that prize a connection to nature. (Picture book. 3-10)"
In the darkness of night, a forest reclaims a concrete city, to the delight of the animals and children. Read full book review >
WHO CAN? by Charles Ghigna
Released: March 27, 2018

"While the seed of a good idea is here, it withers and dies by the end (pun intended).(Board book. 2-3)"
Little ones are encouraged to guess the identity of various animals through pun-filled riddles. Read full book review >
FIRST TIMES by Charles Ghigna
Released: Oct. 31, 2017

"This celebration of maturation, an ever popular theme, is most notable for the diversity of its characters. (Picture book. 3-6)"
On the childhood road to independence, first-time accomplishments are lauded as important milestones. Read full book review >
A PARADE OF PUPPIES by Charles Ghigna
Released: Aug. 23, 2016

"Skip. (Board book. 1-3)"
A white child and parent go to the animal shelter, where they see all sorts of puppies. Read full book review >
A CARNIVAL OF CATS by Charles Ghigna
Released: Sept. 1, 2015

"No doubt preschoolers will enjoy learning about the various breeds of cat, but it's the whimsical illustrations that really make this one something to purr about. (Board book. 2-4)"
A carnival theme runs through the illustrations in this brief introduction to different breeds of cats. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 1, 2015

"Skip. (Board book. 2-3)"
Spring rains fall on a variety of happy animals in this rhyming board book. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 1, 2013

"While not spectacular, it is an amusing spectacle all the same. (Board book. 2-4)"
Various animals, a couple of people and a few objects, all starting with the appropriate letter, parade through the alphabet. Read full book review >
SNOW WONDER by Charles Ghigna
Released: Oct. 28, 2008

"It's a workmanlike, unassuming contribution to the body of literature for early readers—while it'll get the job done, one wishes it could have been executed with a bit more subtlety, both visually and textually. (Early reader. 4-6)"
Rhyming sentences celebrate the joys of winter, from sledding, skating and building snowmen to baking cookies, sipping cocoa and reading by the fire. Read full book review >
SCORE! by Charles Ghigna
Released: April 1, 2008

"But these maxims, accompanied by Gorton's lively, crisp, colorful digital cartoon illustrations and dynamic typeface selections have undeniable appeal—and they are homey, honest and blessedly brief. (Picture book/poetry. 7-11)"
This collection of 50 motivational poems about ambition, persistence, attitude, self-respect and integrity will find plenty of fans among parents, teachers, leaders and coaches who are working on character development, goal-setting and cooperative classrooms. Read full book review >
ANIMAL TRACKS by Charles Ghigna
Released: March 1, 2004

"Lively and fun as promised, as the blurb says, 'EWE will love this book—I'm not LION.' (Poetry. 4-7)"
Not wild in the sense of ferocious, these simple read-aloud poems on animals and nature feature oddities and clever puns, i.e., titles such as "Ducks Quack Me Up," "I Wouldn't Pet on It," and "A Batch of Beasts." Read full book review >
A FURY OF MOTION by Charles Ghigna
Released: Sept. 1, 2003

"Despite the title, girls as well as boys will find verses here that, to use Kennedy's phrase, 'will really talk to you.' (Poetry. 10-15)"
Here Ghigna follows up X.J. Kennedy's cleverly casual introduction with 46 pithy takes on sports ("Football: Sweat / Mud / Dirt / Blood / Snow / Rain / Frost / Pain / Win / Yell / Lose / Hell"), haircuts, and playground politics, as well as more private thoughts, epiphanies, and memorable moments. Read full book review >
HALLOWEEN NIGHT by Charles Ghigna
Released: Sept. 1, 2003

"Still, the collection's perennially popular theme and evocative look should earn it a try, where budgets permit. (Poetry. 7-10)"
Using a color scheme heavy on orange and black, along with plenty of glaring eyes and eerie silhouettes, McCauley creates the right atmosphere for this uneven gathering of verse. Read full book review >
RIDDLE RHYMES by Charles Ghigna
Released: Sept. 1, 1995

"The answers will quickly become rote, but the poems are worth reading again and again, for their simple, decent imagery and child-size insights. (Picture book. 3-7)"
A fun book that coaxes listeners to identify the subject of a short poem. Read full book review >