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Charles McCarry is the author, most recently, of the acclaimed thriller Old Boys. He established an international reputation as a novelist with the publication of his worldwide bestseller, The Tears of Autumn, in 1975, and is the author of nine other crit

THE MULBERRY BUSH by Charles McCarry
Released: Nov. 3, 2015

"Good enough while it lasts, but richer characters would have made it last longer."
Classic noir themes of trust, motive, and tarnished ideals spin through this mordant, cerebral thriller about an agent on a two-tiered mission. Read full book review >
Released: June 4, 2013

"Meticulous plotting, literate prose and mordant wit make this a thriller for connoisseurs of the genre."
Nuanced, devilishly intricate thriller sends an enigmatic hero to China and far-flung ports to scope out agents, double agents and enticing women. Read full book review >
SHELLEY’S HEART by Charles McCarry
Released: April 1, 2009

"Will democracy survive? Readers will be left guessing until the last minute. A pleasing 21st-century rejoinder to the 1962 novel Seven Days in May, and a capable whodunit."
What did Trelawny snatch from the funeral pyre at Viareggio? If you know the answer, you're a natural for a secret Yale society that makes Skull and Bones look like the Elks. Read full book review >
Released: May 15, 2007

"Former spook McCarry remains at the top of his game."
McCarry (The Miernik Dossier 2005, etc.) takes the story of his recurring master spy Paul Christopher back to its wildly romantic beginning. Read full book review >
OLD BOYS by Charles McCarry
Released: June 15, 2004

"Excellent spy thriller in the Anglo-American style."
A collection of retired intelligence agents comes to the aid of the very dashing Christopher family of spies last seen in McCarry's 1991 Second Sight. Read full book review >
LUCKY BASTARD by Charles McCarry
Released: July 1, 1998

"McCarry dedicates Lucky Bastard to the late Richard Condon, whose dizzy, over-the-top social satires it resembles. (Author tour)"
Deftly written, mordantly cynical send-up of a bed-hopping Kennedyesque scoundrel, charming in his own way, who thinks he's JFK's illegitimate child and so resolves to run for the Presidency. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 1, 1997

"The mix of old and new, coupled with McCarry's wry commentary, makes for a constantly edifying reader."
A fine, wide-ranging anthology from the pages of one of the world's most popular magazines. Read full book review >
SHELLEY'S HEART by Charles McCarry
Released: June 1, 1995

Millennial politics in 2001, in a sumptuous sequel to McCarry's long-running series about secret agent Paul Christopher's family (Second Sight, 1991, etc.). Read full book review >
SECOND SIGHT by Charles McCarry
Released: July 31, 1991

"A confusing, unfocused, implausible work, then, arguably the weakest of the series."
The seventh and final volume in McCarry's series of novels about poet/spy Paul Christopher and his family. Read full book review >