Books by Charles Wright

Released: May 1, 2000

"With themes like emptiness, silence, and stasis repeated in triplicate, it grows three times harder to care."
This volume contains the three collections in the last of Wright's three trilogies (of three collections each), plus (if your eyes have not yet glazed over) some additional material referred to in the subtitle as "Selected Later Poems," which the publisher felt it necessary to bring to our attention lest our joy thrice three be incomplete. Read full book review >
APPALACHIA by Charles Wright
Released: Nov. 1, 1998

"Another poet prominent for having endured more than anything else."
The latest volume by the much-celebrated University of Virginia professor is the third part of Wright's third trilogy, begun with the recent Chickamauga and Black Zodiac, for which he won last year's Pulitzer Prize—and though it stands alone, this characteristic book links with the others thematically, and stylistically, as much as you can call Wright's prose phrasings a style. Read full book review >