Books by Christophe Bataille

Released: Feb. 12, 2013

"A riveting, intimate look deep inside the machinery of the executioner."
Harrowing personal reflections by the Cambodian French filmmaker of surviving the Khmer Rouge as a young teenager. Read full book review >
ANNAM by Christophe Bataille
Released: Sept. 30, 1996

"This subtle and moving roman (here beautifully translated by Richard Howard) won France's Prix du Premier Roman in 1993, when the author was 21."
Annam ($15.95; Sept. 30, 1996; 112 pp.; 0-8112-1330-7): This skillfully understated first novel describes in muted though harrowing detail the ordeal undergone by an expedition of French clergy sent as missionaries to Vietnam during the late-18th-century reign of Louis XVI. Read full book review >