Books by Colin Harrison

YOU BELONG TO ME by Colin Harrison
Released: June 6, 2017

"For fans of the Larsson/Ludlum flavor of action-packed, cynical thriller, where no good deed goes unpunished."
Gritty whodunit by thriller-meister Harrison (Risk, 2009, etc.), the bard of Gotham mayhem. Read full book review >
RISK by Colin Harrison
Released: Oct. 1, 2009

"If this fast-paced, surprisingly reflective yarn doesn't measure up to Harrison's more ambitious thrillers (The Finder, 2007, etc.), it's well worth its price and length."
Harrison's fleet seventh novel, originally serialized in the New York Times Magazine, follows an insurance attorney down a trail he wishes he'd never taken. Read full book review >
THE FINDER by Colin Harrison
Released: April 10, 2007

"Love, lust, money, treachery, death and violence, all in a nice tidy package."
Lawless Chinese capitalists attack lawless American capitalists in a smooth thriller that includes a little sex, the mob and a load of sewage. Read full book review >
THE HAVANA ROOM by Colin Harrison
Released: Jan. 1, 2004

"Plenty to like in Harrison's specialty mix of immensely engaging characters in immensely extreme situations, including ingestion of psychotropic fish."
Manly middle-age obsessions, including sex, restaurants, real estate, drugs, health, death, sports, fatherhood, and the law, combine agreeably in another intelligent thriller from the author of the 2000 Afterburn. Read full book review >
AFTERBURN by Colin Harrison
Released: Jan. 1, 2000

"A practically perfect literary thriller with a bitter lingering 'afterburn' indeed. (First printing of 100,000; author tour)"
The handy cliché alleging that a thriller is so good it transcends its genre has rarely been truer than in the case of this breathtakingly suspenseful meditation on the interwoven ambiguities of life and death. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 1, 1996

"Sordid stuff sure to tickle any voyeur's fancy, written with skill and considerable visceral force—even if occasionally straying beyond the credible. (Author tour)"
In fair homage to the noir tradition, Harrison (Bodies Electric, 1993, etc.) turns all of Manhattan into one man's personal sinkhole, where he can indulge a passion for moment-of- death stories and the twists elevating brute violence into tragedy. Read full book review >
BODIES ELECTRIC by Colin Harrison
Released: May 1, 1993

"Walt Whitman haunts the story throughout and to great effect. (First printing of 60,000)"
Harrison (Break and Enter, 1990) returns with the story of a 35-year-old widower who takes in a fleeing wife and her four-year- old daughter—at the same time that he's fighting for survival at the top of a communications conglomerate. Read full book review >