Books by Dave Mottram

EMERGENCY KITTENS! by Jody Jensen Shaffer
Released: Jan. 7, 2020

"These kitties will win hearts with a glossy-eyed glance. (Picture book. 2-7)"
The power of cute is the only superpower these kitties need. Read full book review >
THE NEW KITTEN by Joyce Carol Oates
Released: June 25, 2019

"An oft-told tale told poorly. (Picture book. 2-6)"
The puffy gray cat introduced in Naughty Cherie (illustrated by Mark Graham, 2008) learns to share her space and her humans. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 5, 2019

"Loquacious little ones may well not see themselves, but everyone can share a laugh. (Picture book. 3-7)"
Wordy Birdy clearly didn't learn to keep her mouth shut from her last misadventure (Wordy Birdy, 2017), but at least this time her talking is an asset instead of a liability. Read full book review >
FIRE TRUCK DREAMS by Sharon Chriscoe
Released: Oct. 9, 2018

"In a teeming sea of fire-truck books, this little sleeper won't create much of a blip on the sonar. (Picture book. 3-6)"
Chriscoe and Mottram continue their series of books about sleep-bound vehicles with a look at the greatest of all emergency trucks. Read full book review >
WORDY BIRDY by Tammi Sauer
Released: Feb. 6, 2018

"Preschool talkers aren't likely to take the lesson to heart, but their caregivers will certainly find this chuckleworthy. (Picture book. 3-7)"
To say that this bird is wordy is an understatement; the motor mouth talks so much that she doesn't listen, even when it's in her best interests. Read full book review >
RACE CAR DREAMS by Sharon Chriscoe
Released: Sept. 13, 2016

"All in all, clever, bouncy fun. (Picture book. 3-5)"
How does a race car get ready for bed? Read full book review >
OY VEY! by Bonnie Grubman
Released: Sept. 1, 2016

"A fresh take on an often told but very funny story, and the shoe is a clever addition. But give the mother a name already! (Picture book/folk tale. 5-9)"
Driven nearly meshugga from trying to live in a shoe with 13 kids, Lou Greenbaum begs the rabbi for help. Read full book review >