Books by Dayna Lorentz

NO EASY WAY OUT by Dayna Lorentz
Released: July 16, 2013

"Ostensibly an adventure tale, the slow pacing leaches energy from the central mystery of the virus, its cause and the horrors surrounding it, making it more of a snoozer than a thriller. (Thriller. 14 & up)"
Over 1,500 people die from a flu strain released into an air vent in a crowded shopping mall, and the quarantined survivors descend into chaos in this protracted second installment of the story begun in No Safety in Numbers (2012). Read full book review >
THE PACK by Dayna Lorentz
Released: May 1, 2012


Can a dog rule the world?

Dogs have found religion, as we always knew they would. Read full book review >

Released: May 1, 2012

"A whopping and disturbing cliffhanger serves as the conclusion. Readers will anxiously await the sequel. (Thriller. 14-18)"
A nightmare scenario plays out in a shopping mall, and a group of very different teens must strategize to survive in this engrossing, if uneven thriller. Read full book review >
THE STORM by Dayna Lorentz
Released: April 1, 2012

"Even readers who don't consider themselves dog people may start seeing the world from Shep's point of view and turning the pages faster and faster. (Animal fantasy. 8-12)"
If a dog wrote a book about the adventures of a dog, it would sound almost exactly like this, although some people might think the dog was exaggerating a bit. Read full book review >